Danielle Davis Style

I am a personal stylist, closet consultant, and award-winning neat freak. Okay–maybe I haven’t won any awards (yet), but I am pretty serious when it comes to organization!

Born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, where it’s always either too hot or too cold, I feel like finding the outfit that’s “just right” was second nature.

In 2013, I graduated East Carolina University with a degree in Apparel Merchandising in May, married my best friend in July, and moved to Raleigh in August. Since then, I have had amazing experiences working with some of my favorite retail stores. Thanks to my experiences and encouragement from my husband, family, and friends; I decided to venture outside the retail world and into people’s closets.

While I love working, I also love to relax. You will always find me with a little cinnamon in my coffee and a little dark chocolate with a glass of red wine.

If there is music playing, I can’t help but dance. I am always down for an adventure, so I’ve started a new one with this blog. Feel free to join me and see where my fashionably-organized heart will lead!