Closet Revamp – Do you hate your closet? Do you claim to “have nothing to wear”? Good news! This is my area of expertise. During this session I will help organize and de-clutter your closet space. I will guide you on what to keep, what to consign, and what to donate. From there, I will create a space that makes your closet feel easy to “shop” everyday. I will also provide tips on what can be worn together and what areas you need to fill.

In-home Styling – This service is for clients who need help assembling their current wardrobe. Whether it is for work attire or a special event, I can show you how to wear your go-to dress multiple ways while always looking unique and fashionable.  If you’re looking for a style change or need specifics for an event, I offer in-store styling or personal shopping to bring the most current trends into your closet (see below for these services).

In-store Styling – Let’s go shopping! After our initial consult I will plan a day of shopping to create your ideal look within your price point. I will provide honest feedback on the correct colors, prints, fit, and if it is age appropriate.  Your current wardrobe will be kept in mind so we don’t duplicate pieces while completing outfits.

Personal Shopping – Do you love looking stylish but hate shopping or simply do not have time? My personal shopping services cater to your specific needs by carefully selecting appropriate clothes, shoes, and accessories. These items are delivered to your home, where I can help coordinate outfits that create your best image. Whatever items do not work I will handle the returns.

Additional Services: These services are to help my clients save time and to leave them feeling worry free.  Additional Services include, but are not limited to:

-Donation or Consignment store drop-off after a closet revamp
-Pre-shop before in-store styling where I will arrive 30min – 1 hour early to pick out the appropriate clothes for you.
-Vacation outfit planning to ensure you look your best while traveling (and your suitcase is under the 50 lb. limit).
-Quick styling tips via text for a second opinion in the morning before work or before going out with your girls.
-Have more styling and organizational needs? I will be glad to help with whatever my client’s specific needs are.