Dreaming of a Tropical Getaway

Dreaming of a Tropical Getaway

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Warm, sunny beaches — that’s what I’ve been daydreaming about as of lately. Perhaps the up and down weather in North Carolina has put me in this mindset of craving a tropical setting. Maybe I am just truly ready to move along to summertime. Whatever is going on, I’m certain that I’m not alone here. Winter sometimes overstays its welcome and we all begin to feel a little vitamin D deficient.

Sadly, I cannot grant each of you a round-trip ticket to Tulum, but I can share the next best thing 😉 I have rounded up my favorite picks to pack for a spur-of-the-moment tropical getaway OR to simply add pieces in your closet to help ease your mind that summer is coming. If you’re in a winter slump, then I promise receiving a new pair of sandals or fun sundress in the mail will surely brighten your day (I’m speaking from craving warm weather experience here). Scroll through the below widget to see what I have in my shopping cart for the sunny days ahead:



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