Home for the Holidays Organization Guide

Home for the Holidays Organization Guide

Home For The Holidays Organizing - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyleOver the next few days many of us will either be traveling or staying home to host guests. Traveling for the holidays can be absolutely exhausting, but then again so can having guests stay in your home. I’ve shared a number of times for those that are traveling (for example, here), but I have never focused on the organization of the host. Well, I’m excited to share just that today. The goal for having people stay in your home is to create an inviting and cozy space. Keep reading through to see exactly how to achieve that feeling before your guests arrive.

First, let’s start with the essentials to leave in their bedroom:
-A basket with extra blankets and towels
-A fan or sound machine
-Extra TP — and easy to find!
-A bottle of water on each bedside table. As a bonus, you can do like my mom does and leave chocolates on the pillows. It’s always kind of funny to find when staying at home, but it is also a thoughtful gesture.
-For the techy guests provide a power strip and if you have an extra phone charger, then leave one for your guests.
-Burn a candle or provide some sort of room freshening spray. This is a great way to make a place seem ‘more clean’, but go with a lighter scent like vanilla in case your guests are sensitive to scents. 

Additionally, it is good to have essential toiletries on-hand in case your guests forget these items or their luggage is lost from flying. A few I would suggest to have are:
-toothbrush and toothpaste
-shampoo and condition
-facewash and moisturizer
-bodywash and lotion
-contact solution and a contact case
-brush or comb
Your guests will be so thankful that you were prepared. After a long day of travel, the last thing someone wants to worry about is lost or missing toiletries.Home For The Holidays Organizing - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyleBeyond making a guest feel comfortable in your home, it is also a good idea to have a few things planned out. Plan meals and have ideas ready for what to do with free time. Preparing ahead of time will save you from the stress and wasting time later.

Here are a few ideas for entertaining your guests beyond watching another Christmas movie:
-Have a hot chocolate bar and game night. Hot chocolate is easy to serve and looks more festive with a candy cane stirrer. A few games I would suggest to get the whole crowd laughing are: Utter Nonsense, Watch Ya’ Mouth, Apples to Apples, HedBanz, and if you have an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, then Quiplash will have you entertained all night.
-Drive around to see Christmas lights. A lot of cities have neighborhoods that go all out. Do a little research beforehand to see what neighborhood like this may be close to your house.
-For the beer and wine drinkers, take your guests to a local brewery or wine tasting room.
-Think of something unique to your city that your guests may not have seen before. If you’re able to come up with something, then take them there!
Home For The Holidays Organizing - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle

Home For The Holidays Organizing - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyleI hope this was a helpful guide to those opening up their home over the holidays. Your friends and family will feel extra special and comfortable the moment they walk through your front door.

Have a Merry Christmas and very happy New Year!

Home For The Holidays Organizing - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle



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