Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him & Her

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him & Her

We’re in the single digit countdown to Christmas — hooray!

This week I’ll be sharing a few tips and ideas for the last minute things on all of our to-do lists.  First up are ideas to fill your stockings. Lately, I have heard several unique Christmas traditions centered around stockings. One friend talked about how their mom stuffed fruit (usually an orange) at the bottom of the stocking. When I asked her why she said, “I’m not really sure, but that’s what we’ve always expected in our stockings and I’ll probably do the same for my family in the future”. Another tradition I heard was the parents (eh em, Santa) left the kid’s stockings outside of their bedroom door. I thought this idea was genius from a parent’s perspective because when the kids wake up at the crack of dawn they have their stockings to entertain them.
A few years ago Will and I actually started our own tradition. We decided to just give each other stockings for Christmas. Two rules we set: stay within a dollar limit and all items have to fit inside the stocking. This has actually turned into one of my most favorite traditions I look forward to each year. As you can imagine, we have to get pretty creative with our gifts.
If you’re in a Christmas rut or simply just need a few last items to fill a stocking, then you’re in luck! Below I’m sharing ideas for him, her, and a few items that are gender neutral. To view each item under the individual categories click on the side arrows. If you see an item you’d like to shop, then simply click on the item and a link will direct you to that exact product’s page.

I hope you all have a great start to your Christmas week!

For HIM:

For HER:



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