5 Closet Organizing Tips for In-Between Seasons

5 Closet Organizing Tips for In-Between Seasons

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Twice a year, we all face what I would consider to be the most awkward seasons for our closets. The first is between winter and spring. Right now we’re heading into the second season, which is in between the summer and fall.

Why are these times of the year just downright strange for our outfitting and closet organization?

Well, I would say we can thank Mother Nature for this reason. She is always arriving fashionably late when we’re in these transitional periods.

So, what’s a gal to do when the summer heat is still pumping, but your fall wardrobe is begging for attention?

Follow my go-to closet organizing tips my clients swear by that I crafted for each time this season rolls around.

After applying these tips & tricks in your own closet, I’m certain you will realize those Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases were 100% #worthit 😉

ONE – Make the items you’re using to outfit with for the next 4-6 weeks the most visible. Move those ankle booties to eye level and keep your suede over-the-knee boots out of sight – that is, until you can truly enjoy a pumpkin spice latte without sweating bullets.

TWO – Really take a look at your summer wardrobe. You know that fitted peplum tank that you skimmed over all summer? Yes, that one that you still have from college… well it’s time to say, “Sayonara!” if you are only hanging onto it “in case it comes back in style”. I’m sure once you gather a pile of such items, you’re bound to find open space in your closet that you had no clue existed.

THREE – If you didn’t sort through last fall’s items with the same hard, cold honesty as above; then now is the time. Why hang onto something you’re never going to wear again? – Especially if it is just taking up space for something else that will actually fit great and make you feel more confident.

FOUR – Always keep in mind that accessories are you best friend this time of year. For example, adding a scarf to a summer-white tee can immediately give an outfit warmth and a more fall-like look.

FIVE – Master the art of layering. Yes, I’m being serious. You can throw a cardigan over just about anything, but are you brave enough to wear a cable knit sweater over your favorite summer dress?

Give these tips a try and if you’re still feeling overwhelmed and unorganized, then shoot me a message! I’d love to help you sort through what is making your closet feel less than amazing. My direct email is

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!



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