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Good Tuesday morning!

The only way to start this post is to go ahead and be honest with y’all. This post was not planned. You’re about to the get the real, unedited Danielle. The reason for this is because while writing what I had originally scheduled to post today I just felt blah. The content was something I have been pushing for weeks now and it just doesn’t seem completely right. I was trying to create something unique, but it didn’t feel natural. Instead, it felt very forced. At this point I knew I had to hit the pause button.
I started this blog as a creative outlet for my styling and organizing passion, and also as a way to reach other women. I did not want this space to be all about me, me, me! That’s where I felt like I was going with the series I was writing. Yes, I said it, I was writing a series. The topics I had planned to write are areas that I am passionate about. Something just felt like it was missing though. I quickly realized that each topic needed more input and I knew exactly where I wanted it to come from: YOU! As my readers I want you to help me make this series more custom and tailored to you. I’m not exactly sure what this will look like in the end. Heck, it might even result in something completely different than what I had planned. I’m okay with that. As long as it is true to myself and it is something that you all actually want to hear.

In order to start (or technically restart) I invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions. I want you to tell me what you want to hear more of and perhaps even less of. An example topic to think about is organization. Where do you struggle  with this and how can I help you here on the blog? You can leave me a comment below this post or if you’d like to remain anonymous, then fill out the contact form.

Thank you for helping me pave the path of Danielle Davis Style in 2017!

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