17 Intentions for 2017

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Hello, 2017! As quickly as I feel like you arrived, I am glad you’re here and I welcome you with wide open arms.

Over the past week I’ve been reading posts by other bloggers and friends on social media about their 2017 resolutions, goals, and intentions. It has really encouraged me to dig deep for what I want to achieve this year. This is typically something I don’t really do every year. In fact, I usually come up with something like ‘work out 5 times a week’ and by the end of January I’ve already failed. Anyone else feel me?
I want to begin something new for 2017. I’ve decided to make a list of 17 intentions I will work towards this year. I know, labeling these items as ‘intentions’ doesn’t sound like something I will likely achieve. However, it seems more realistic to me to say ‘intentions’ rather than ‘resolutions’ or ‘goals’. I’m not setting myself up for failure and that gives me more encouragement to be successful.
This list involves all aspects of my life: my business, blog, and personal life. Some items are huge and will require more of my time planning before executing. Others are very small and will only require a mental reminder each day. By putting this out in the open, my hope is that it will serve as a motivator to turn each item a reality.

So, without further ado, here is my list:

17 Intentions for 2017:
Be present in the moment and worry less about the future.

TWO – Join a local networking group.
THREE – Attend a blog conference.
FOUR – Be BOLD in all aspects of life.
FIVE – Drink only one cup of coffee a day.
SIX – Focus my business on how I treat my own style and closet: quality over quantity.
SEVEN – Travel to California with Will.
EIGHT – Live within our means.
NINE – Lift up and encourage others – daily!
TEN – Work with five cause-related brands.
ELEVEN –  Create a schedule for my blogs. Example: Post every Mon, Wed, Fri, or every Tues, Thurs.
TWELVE – Each month find a new way to give to those in need. This can be service based or monetary donations.
THIRTEEN – Paint the 2 end tables and hutch in our living room.
FOURTEEN – Start running with Mindi again.
FIFTEEN – Catch up with an old friend.
SIXTEEN – Plan a staycation for Will and I. 
SEVENTEEN – By the 5th of every month, evaluate how I’m doing on each item above.

If you guys have tips or tricks for any of the items above, then please share! Also, what is your plan for the new year? Have you set new goals? I’d love to hear!Anthropologie Sweater Moon and Lola EarringsAnthropologie Outfit



  1. Courtney

    4 January

    I absolutely LOVE this post! I want to go to California so bad – I hope you make it there this year! Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for you friend! Hope we get to work together again very soon!


    • Danielledavisstyle

      4 January

      I’ve only been once for a quick trip. It’s on our “travel together” bucket list! Hoping to work together with you this year too! I’m sure we will 🙂 xoxo

  2. Yay! I love these intentions! I know you’ll knock them out of the park! xx, I’m Fixin’ To

  3. hhardydawson

    4 January

    I am OBSESSED with that sweater!! I’ve seen lots of posts about goals for the New Year and I really need to sit down and think of some for myself. I have some ideas, but I think if I actually write them down and place them somewhere as a reminder, I’ll be more likely to accomplish them.

    • Danielledavisstyle

      4 January

      That’s exactly how I felt! I decided to schedule some time just for this because I knew how much of an impact it would make on my year. I’m sure as the year goes on my intentions will change, but I can’t wait to look back on where my thoughts were at the beginning of 2017. You should totally try to do this too!! We can motivate each other 🙂

  4. Owen Davis

    7 January

    This outfit is perfection! These are such great goals Dani. So proud of all you are doing! So thankful for your friendship for another year!!

  5. Amanda Bella

    9 January

    I love your intentions! Reading lists like these is so inspiring – I love the New Year & the positivity/motivation that it brings. (And I LOVE that sweater)!! XO

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