Last-Minute Thanksgiving Outfits + Recipe Ideas

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Outfits + Recipe Ideas

It’s here! Thanksgiving has arrived!

Life has been a little crazy and extra busy lately, so I’m a little embarrassed to admit how quickly this holiday has snuck up on me.

This year, my family is completely changing up our Thanksgiving traditions. Instead of the huge feast at my Grandparent’s house, our whole gang is traveling to stay in Valle Crucis, NC. All 19 of us are preparing the meal, but it will look a little different this year. We’re nixing the beautiful china and silver place settings for simplicity aka paper and plastic products. There are a few other things we are changing up this year and I think everyone is actually really excited for a low-key weekend with the main focus of enjoying time with family. That’s what Thanksgiving should be all about anyways, right?

With all that to be said, I have a feeling that I’m not the only one scrambling to get things together before Thursday. I’ve put together a quick list of 5 comfortable Thanksgiving outfits and 5 easy Thanksgiving recipes. Let’s start with the outfits first…

OUTFIT ONE – denim (or leggings!), tunic, poncho, & booties:Danielle Davis Style - Oversized Poncho - @danidavisstyle

OUTFIT TWO – shirt dress & boots:Danielle Davis Style - Gingham Shirt Dress - @danidavisstyle

OUTFIT THREE – button down shirt, sweater, cords (or denim), & flats:Danielle Davis Style - @anthropologie - @danidavisstyle

OUTFIT FOUR – chambray shirt, vest, blanket scarf, denim, & boots:Danielle Davis Style - White Denim For Fall - @danidavisstyle

OUTFIT FIVE – vest, sweater, denim, & booties:Danielle Davis Style - Layered Vest - @danidavisstyle

Now, for the 5 super easy and quick recipes…

RECIPE ONE – Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese

Photo and recipe via The Country Cook

RECIPE TWO – Hurry-up Biscuits

Photo and recipe via Taste of Home

RECIPE THREE – Easy Green Bean Casserole

Photo and recipe via allrecipes

RECIPE FOUR – Pumpkin Dump Cake

Photo and recipe via Cookies and Cups

RECIPE FIVE – No Bake Apple Pie Bites

Photo and recipe via Recipe Runner

I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with those that you love! Feel free to share any of your go-to recipes + your favorite traditions for Thanksgiving. I love to hear what everyone enjoys over this holiday 🙂


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