Neutral Monochromatic Outfit – Plus a Life U...

Neutral Monochromatic Outfit – Plus a Life Update!

J. Jill Maxi Dress - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle

Hey friends! The past few weeks I may have seemed a little MIA. Actually, the past few months I haven’t been as active in the ‘blogging world’ as I would like. Well, ya girl has made a few life changes. While I am continuing my personal styling and closet editing business, I’ve found another full-time gig that is right up my alley. I am working for a large, yet local apparel company based right here in the Triangle. To be quite frank, I was extremely nervous to accept this change. However, to my surprise everything about my new schedule feels so right. I’ve really enjoyed learning how even the smallest details contributes to a bigger corporation. Plus, the atmosphere and the people I’m surrounded by have made my “other” job something that I look forward to waking up to everyday.

So, what does this all mean for Danielle Davis Style?

Like I said above, my styling and organizing have continued after work during the weekdays and also on weekends. Unfortunately, with this change I’ve had to pump the breaks a little on the blog and social media part of DDS. This space is something that I LOVE and I am passionate about. For that reason, I will also continue to post; although it may not be as frequently as I’d like to. I kind of laughed at myself just yesterday because I was thinking about my 17 intentions for 2017.  Then I thought, “You know what, though? I’m going to continue working towards these intentions (even if it may be at a slower pace than I had anticipated).”

It’s funny how life works. 

With that said, let’s move on to talk about the really exciting things:  Spring Styling! The dress I’m wearing in this outfit is from J. Jill. Everything I have recently worn from J.Jill is A) COM-FORT-ABLE and B) some of my go-to spring items. This midi dress in particular is a piece that I have layered several different ways. How I’ve styled it here in this post is one of my most favorite outfits lately. It’s been great to throw on in the morning while the air is still cool, then shed the leather jacket in the afternoon.
Keep scrolling through to see all the details. Also, be sure to check out another J. Jill dress I wore here while traveling. J. Jill Maxi Dress - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle J. Jill Maxi Dress - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle J. Jill Maxi Dress - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle



  1. Congrats on your new job! Finding balance can be hard, but I know you’ll get it all figured out.

    • Danielledavisstyle

      6 April

      Thank you!!

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