5 Tips for Organizing Your Spring Wardrobe

5 Tips for Organizing Your Spring Wardrobe

Everywhere I go lately I seem to be hearing a lot of conversations about spring cleaning. Actually, more specifically, closet cleaning. It’s no secret that we’re all ready for spring, so it makes sense that everyone wants their closet to reflect the new season. After hearing the chatter and working with a few clients, I thought it would be a good idea to share to my ‘blogger world’ a few wardrobe organizing tips for spring. I could ramble on for days about this topic, but I’ll keep short and sweet. Here are 5 tips for an easy season transition:

ONE – Ditch the bulky outerwear. This will be your biggest space saver. Hang on to your lighter, everyday jackets like this trench coat, because we all know Mother Nature hasn’t quite made up her mind yet.

TWO – Put away your winter accessories like scarves, fur vests, and fleece lined leggings. Actually, anything that has fur attached to it should go ahead and enter spring/summer hibernation.

THREE – SHOES! This topic can be tricky depending on what type of space you have for shoe storage. No matter if you have an entire shoe wall or an over the door organizer, always make your current season shoes easiest to reach. For example, right now your winter boots should make their way to the top (or bottom) of your closet and your sandals should be at eye level.

FOUR – Say goodbye to your college jeans that still fit… kind of? We all have said this phrase to some extent. And don’t get me wrong, having ONE item for motivation to workout is great. However, cluttering your closet with tired, old items that will not come back around (and if they do, you will most likely want to buy the updated version!) is simply just taking up space for actual great, on trend items. My rule of thumb here is, “If you haven’t worn it in the past 6-12 months, then it’s time to let it go”.

FIVE – Style as you’re sorting through items. Make your time organizing more enjoyable by mixing up your outfits and trying new styles. You might be surprised how many different ways you can wear that white top that’s been hiding in the back of your closet. As always, if you get into a rut, just know that I am only a quick email away 😉

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  1. I'm Fixin' To

    19 March

    I cleaned out my closet last weekend and had a hard time letting go of all my college denim, but I felt so much better after making space! xx, I’m Fixin’ To

  2. hhardydawson

    19 March

    I’ve already switched out my clothes, but then it turned cold again!

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