Tuesday Shoesday || Black Spring Sandals

Tuesday Shoesday || Black Spring Sandals

Good morning, friends!
Since its Tuesday Shoesday, I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been eyeing (and buying) in the shoe department lately. After slowly transitioning my closet over to spring, I’ve noticed it’s time to let go of some items and a few sandals were on that list. Specifically, black sandals was an area I am lacking. SO! The hunt for black sandals began… and kind of never ended. This season many designers have already released some really cute shoes. The closer we are actually getting to spring the more I have been seeing that I adore. The options feel endless and it’s been a little difficult to make a decision. This may sound petty, but I’m not one to just buy something. If I bring something into my closet, then I will wear it with multiple outfits.
Below I am wearing two black sandals that I have purchased. These two I’ve already worn several times. In fact, one pair you might recognize from previous outfits here, here, and here. Even if it’s for a different season, I still like to rework items into new outfits.
Although these two pairs are great, my sandal hunt hasn’t completely ended. I still have my eye a few more. To see what I’ve been shopping lately, scroll through to the bottom of this post. I’ve created a shoppable widget with all of the black sandals currently on my want list.
Have you found any must-have sandals lately? If so, please share with me!

Outfit One:

Black Spring Sandals - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyleBlack Spring Sandals - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyleBlack Spring Sandals - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle

Outfit Two:

Black Spring Sandals - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle Black Spring Sandals - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyleBlack Spring Sandals - Danielle Davis Style - @danidavisstyle

The Want List:


  1. Amanda Bella

    28 February

    You are so pretty! I love these looks and the black heels! I recently got a similar strappy pair and loveee them! I’m so ready for spring weather, sundresses, & open toe shoes! XOXO

  2. I love the lace cut out pair. I bought a pair similar to the Steve Madden ones, but I’m still on the hunt for a flat sandal that’s more casual. My Tory Burch sandals broke last summer 🙁

  3. Loving these shoes! That dress looks great on you, too! xx, I’m Fixin’ To

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