Winter to Spring Outfit + My New Hair Style

Winter to Spring Outfit + My New Hair Style

Good Monday morning!
Will and I spent this past weekend in the NC mountains with our neighbors. Well, I say our neighbors, but they have actually become our great friends.
It was pretty dang-on cold while we were up there visiting. The temperature on Saturday didn’t rise above freezing (brrrr) so it definitely like what Mr. Groundhog predicted.
In true North Carolina weather fashion, the next few days in Raleigh will be in the 70’s. With the continuous extreme change between winter and spring weather, my closet has been a little confused. I’m sure most of you are feeling the same. This is where my inspiration for this outfit came from. I decided to create a simple look with one winter item and one spring item. I mixed my beloved Sam Edelman over the knee boots that I wore all winter and a new spring dress romper by Free People. I loved how the two looked when paired together. They created an elongated and somewhat thinning look — something that I know all women hate! 😉
As our weather continues to change, I grow more antsy for a new season of fashion. My outfits that I post over the next few weeks will consist of this winter to spring feel.
Something else that I’ve been ready to change up lately is my hair. Ever since college, I have pretty much had the same style done to my hair: highlight and trim with some layers. I have been afraid to change it up because I want my hair to still look more natural. To me, this sounded like a hard balance, so I never did anything different… until I met Kate from The Geoffery James Salon in Raleigh. Kate met with me for a consultation to go over what I was thinking and then poof! She did exactly what I had expressed that I liked. It was the most amazing feeling. Keep scrolling through to see how Kate worked her magic. Free People RomperFree People RomperFree People Romper Free People RomperFree People RomperBalayage HairBalayage Hair Balayage Hair



  1. hhardydawson

    9 February

    Love the boho vibe of this outfit! I’m the same way with my hair. I always get the same thing. I always want to do color, but I’m so lazy with upkeep.

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