How to Use “LikeToKnow.It”

Happy Monday, friends!
I wanted to take the time today to explain what the tool “” is and how it works. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have noticed some of my posts recently contain links like this: I receive these links automatically when I use the app “” to post my Instagram photo. The link connects the parts of my outfit to the direct webpage where you can purchase them. Once you are signed up with, you will receive a direct email to your inbox with all the outfit products I’ve added within the link. I promise you that once you sign up, it is the most simple way to shop!
How to get started:
1 – Go to and play the tutorial video under the sign-up/login button
2 – Register (it only takes a minute and is free!)
3 – Go to my Instagram, @danielledavisstyle, and “like” any photo that contains a link like mentioned above. An example is this photo here:Danielle Davis Style Instagram

4 – After “liking” a photo with a link you will receive an email usually within about 5 minutes.
5 – Check your inbox for the email. This email will contain the products that I am wearing in the photo. If you click on any of these products, then you will be directed to the exact page where you can buy it. An example of what your email will look like is here:Danielle Davis Style liketoknow.it6 – You can also directly shop from the website! When you are logged in, go to “My Likes” tab, and everything you like on Instagram will be saved here.
Just by taking a minute to sign-up, you will save yourself hours of time searching for products!
I hope this helped clear up some questions you may have. If you are still curious about this shopping tool, then please leave a comment below or message me: I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!


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