Cotton Candy Champagne


Cotton Candy Champagne

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For my blogiversary, I celebrated with a cotton candy champagne cocktail. Sounds like a strange combination, I know! Unlike most of my Pinterest fails (cue smoke detector alarm), this one actually turned out a-okay! This delicate looking drink paired perfectly with my celebration-style shoot. Whether you’re hosting a shower or just having your girlfriend’s over this weekend, give this incredibly easy drink a try for something different!

What you need:
1) Cotton Candy
2) Bubbly of your choice! (I used a sparkling rosé for the color but with the cotton candy dye I think a regular champagne would be better)
3) Pretty glass like this gilded rim glass

Pull off a few pieces of your cotton candy to place into the glasses. Slowly pour your sparkling beverage and watch the cotton candy dissolve. If you want more flavor and drink decor, then I would add fresh berries.

Enjoy and cheers to the beginning of your weekend!! 🙂Cotton Candy Champagne Cotton Candy Champagne Cotton Candy Champagne


  1. Sierra Berry

    12 August

    Happy Blogiversary!! This sounds like the perfect way to celebrate, plus I love how simple the recipe is!

    Sierra Berry | ? @itsberrystylish

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