Wearing the Right Hat for Your Face Shape and Life...

Wearing the Right Hat for Your Face Shape and Life!

This morning was one of those mornings that I woke up wide awake before the sun was up. I tossed and turned for about half an hour, scrolled through my social media feeds, and then finally decided to get up when our dog, Mindi, came to greet me with her kisses.
After brewing a fresh pot of coffee, I curled up on the sofa with Mindi and a devotional book. BOY, was this time peaceful!

“We reap what we sow. People harvest only what they plant. Think of your heart as a greenhouse. Your heart has to be managed just like a greenhouse has to be managed. Think about your thoughts as seeds. Some become flowers & some become weeds.” -Trudy Halstead, Believer

This quote was exactly what my heart needed to hear today. Like most people, the role of wearing many hats has been weighing me down lately. So much so that I forget those many hats are actually great things. I get so wrapped up in my daily to-do list and lose sight of the bigger picture. I stress myself out over small things when really I should be thankful for the opportunity placed in front of me. When I think of my thoughts as seeds I definitely see the weeds growing… a big jumbled pile of weeds ha! I read the quote above over a few times and came to the realization, “why live like this?”. I have these many hats to wear and to be grateful for. I should grow my daily thoughts into something more positive rather than stress, anxiety, and negativity. Perhaps I should focus more on wearing my best hat(s) in order to achieve a more positive outcome? Hmm…

This may just be me, but I feel like this is something many of us need to bring our focus to. Today, I encourage each of you to focus on what TRULY makes your heart joyful. Put on the hat that radiates your positivity.

When I think of what brings joy to my heart I see styling near the top of the list. Thinking of “styling” and “hats” leads to my thought process to the physical aspect of wearing hats. If we are mentally selecting the best hat to wear, then why not also learn which physical hat is best for you? Finding apparel and accessories that suits an individual’s body, style, and personality type is why I love what I do. Let’s connect the two ways to wear a hat!

Below I have put together a guide on how to select the best hat for your face shape. Each category I’ve included a shopping widget with examples. Find your face shape, read about the hats that flatter your shape, and enjoy shopping those that I selected for you!

Face Shape for Hats

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(HEART) – The best hat for a heart shaped face would be a medium length brimmed hat without a narrow crown.

(LONG) – Wearing medium-sized floppy hats without tall crowns help with balancing out the face length.

(OVAL) & (TRIANGLE) – Both of these face shapes are great for any style (hooray!). Try the latest hats that are trending right now!

(SQUARE) – Hats with a round shape compliment square shaped faces. Try floppy or cloche hats.

(ROUND) – Styles that work well with round faces are medium to wide brim fedoras and trilby hats. Also, try wearing your hat slightly tilted if you have a round face.


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