How to Vacation Pack (and stay under the 50 lb. lu...

How to Vacation Pack (and stay under the 50 lb. luggage limit!)

Vacation Packing

Items to pack:
One – White Pants
Two – Denim Shorts
Three – White Shorts
Four – Black Shift Dress
Five – Stripe Dress
Six – Sun Hat
Seven – Sunglasses
Eight – Neutral Flat Sandal
Nine – Black Heel Sandal or Wedge Sandal
Ten – Solid Basic Tee
Eleven – Solid Neutral Tank
Twelve – Trendy Top (to wear day or night)
Thirteen – Trendy Top (to wear day or night)
Fourteen – Button Down Chambray Top
Fifteen – Solid Neutral Cardigan or Kimono
Sixteen – Neutral Clutch
Seventeen – Neutral Tote Handbag

Summertime is filled with travel. Which also means packing is added to the summer to-do list. Us women sometimes tend to overpack for vacations. I’m totally guilty! Just ask my husband about the check-in airport stories :). Over the past year or so I have become more mindful of what I pack. Partly to eliminate stress and also to gain skills to share with clients. What I have discovered is that planning ahead (and allowing more time than just the night before leaving) will equal a lighter suitcase and more cohesive outfits.

I’ve put together an example of how I’ve been outfit planning lately for travel. I keep in mind two important things: 1) stay within a color scheme and 2) each item that goes into my suitcase should pair with at least 3 other items.
I understand there are some exceptions when you’re traveling for special occasions like weddings, but this is more of a generalized list for any sort of summer vacation.

As I am writing this post I am sitting in the NC mountains with my mom. We decided to take a mother-daughter vacation this week. If you ever get a chance to do this with your mom, then go for it! It’s been so nice to step away from reality with her.
This type of trip is one that I need to incorporate a little outfit planning. We do not have a set agenda this week and we came with one car (so I didn’t have the space to pack whatever I felt like!).
If you want to follow along with our adventures go to my Instagram: @danielledavisstyle or Snapchat: @daniellegdavis.

I hope these packing tips help you all for traveling the next few months! As always, email me with any questions you may have: 
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