Organization with LulaRoe

Organization with LulaRoe

TGIF, friends! It’s looking like our area is in for a rainy weekend. If you’re planning on staying home this weekend, then it is a great time to utilize today’s post on organizing.

I’ve teamed up with my friend Tracy who is a teacher and consultant for LulaRoe. These two job roles in Tracy’s life require a lot of organization. As a clothing consultant, she practically moves an entire closet for each pop-up shop or clothing show she hosts. She definitely has a great method to keep her inventory in order, but I wanted to share a few of my own tips. Even if you aren’t into clothing sales, this post offers great tips for anyone who needs organization help (especially those without a lot of storage space in their home).

1. Stack-able Bins: These bins in particular are from Target and are only $5! They are great for smaller items like leggings, socks, or undergarments. If you’re using them for LulaRoe purposes, they’re perfect for leggings, easy to carry to parties, and attractive for displays. These bins come in additional medium and large sizes as well as other prints023 018
2. Underbed Storage – For limited storage, this area should be your best friend (with the right organization, of course!). If you can, the best method is to add bed risers then invest in storage containers like the ones below. I purchased mine from my HomeGoods, but you can find similar ones at Target like this one. Things to look for when buying underbed storage containers are: clear zipper lids, handles, and wheels. Go the extra mile and tie labels to the handles.
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3. Wall Space – I always tell my clients, “You’re more likely to wear what you see”. The same applies for LulaRoe customers. They are more likely to buy an item they see hanging than an item that is folded. Using your wall space with hooks and shelves is a great way to make up for lack of hanging space. I am obsessed with this shelf with hooks from Hobby Lobby. I use it for accessories, handbags, and outfit planning. Other examples I love are here and here
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4. Stack Baskets – Use your vertical space with stack baskets like mine shown below. I love these baskets from the Container Store because they’re inexpensive and easy to move if you need portability. I would suggest to use these for folded items such as t-shirts. 
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Other items organizing items I would suggest for LulaRoe consultants are:

Hanging Storage Bags
Rolling Duffel Bags 
Wall Hooks
Wall Baskets

If you have additional organizing questions, feel free to email me at 


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    20 May

    These are awesome tips for organization!
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