Makeup Brush Cleaning

Makeup Brush Cleaning

Something about the beginning of a new year makes me want to clean everything. Maybe it’s the taking down of Christmas decor or the thought of a fresh start to a new year. Whatever it is, my mind likes knowing that everything is wiped cleaned (both figuratively and literally).

I’ve had most of my makeup brushes for almost 3 years. I absolutely hate buying new brushes, but the thought crossed my mind when the new year hit my brain’s refresh button. Then again, on second thought, why would I go through the hassle of trying to find perfect new brushes when my current brushes really aren’t that bad? This is where the Pinterest and Google search began: “When should you buy new makeup brushes” or “At home makeup brush cleaner”. Finally I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest by The Everygirl blog. This tutorial was simple involving baby shampoo and a little TLC. So, I gave it a shot.

What I loved most about this cleaning was the amount of time and money that was saved. The total cost involved was about $4, because the only thing I had to buy was baby shampoo. The total amount of time washing all of the brushes photographed below was under 20 minutes. That’s about an hour and $100 less than I’d spend in Sephora had I decided to purchase new brushes.

My brushes dried so soft and even had that “like-new” feeling. I was definitely pleased! The direct link to the tutorial I followed is here. If you’re interested in the brushes I use for my everyday makeup routine I’ve linked them below as well.
Happy makeup brush cleaning! 🙂

Makeup Brush CleaningMakeup Brush Cleaning with Baby Shampoo


  1. Sana

    15 January

    These are really pretty !

  2. charmedchristy

    15 January

    I too use the Johnson’s baby wash. It works amazing!

  3. hhardydawson

    17 January

    I need to be better about washing my brushes. I have so many that’s always a huge undertaking to wash them so I only wash them every 2 weeks or so when I should wash them every week. I usually just use dish soap, but I’m going to have to try this baby wash.

  4. Meghan

    17 January

    What a great suggestion to use that baby shampoo! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

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