Holiday Organization

Holiday Organization

With Thanksgiving this week and Christmas right around the corner, the holiday season is in full swing! This season can become very stressful, very quick. Shopping for everyone, getting the house ready for guests, cooking, parties… the list can get exhausting. The best way to steer clear of holiday stress is to stay organized! But with that long to-do list, when do you have time to organize?! Good news! I’ve put together a list of my top 5 tips for holiday organization. I hope this helps give you a peace of mind and an even more peaceful looking home :).

Gift Wrap Baskets

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(ONE) Gift Wrap Galore – Is your gift wrap taking up your closet, living room, or just everywhere in your home? Try consolidating and keeping the tubes in a simple like this one from World Market.

10-Pc Pop Container Set

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(TWO) Food Storage – Toss the cookie dough containers and purchase quality storage containers like these from Bed Bath & Beyond. Once you no longer have to open your cabinet overflowing with plastic bowls, tubs, and miscellaneous lids, I guarantee your stress level with lessen in the kitchen.

**Extra tip: If you need to save space while containers are not being used, stack them without the lids. Place the smaller containers in the larger and keep lids separate in a clear ziplock bag. 

Underbed Storage

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(THREE) Underbed Storage – If you’re running out of space with all the gifts, extra blankets for guests, or even ribbon, utilize the space underneath your bed. A gift wrapping container I love for under the bed is this one from Amazon. If you’re in need of a more versatile container, this one is great. For soft goods like blankets, try this one with a clear top from Pottery Barn. These containers make items easy to access without leaving them out in the open.

Holiday Card Organization

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(FOUR) Holiday Cards – “Merry Christmas from the Johnson Family!” “Happy New Year from Leslie and her dog!” “Married and Bright from the new Mr. & Mrs.!”… We all love to receive holiday cards in the mail, but where in the world do you put them all?! A great tool to display cards without taking up shelf or table space is a wall card holder. My favorite to use is a Christmas tree similar to this one. Other card holders I like are a wreath like this one from Pier 1 or a snowflake like this one from Pottery Barn.

Grocery List

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(FIVE) Pen to Paper – While you are getting organized for the holidays don’t forget the old fashioned way of using pen and paper. Plan out your meals before guests arrive and write down holiday party dates so you don’t over commit. Is your wallet overflowing with receipts? Designate a spot for envelopes to hold receipts (don’t forget to label the envelopes!). Who’s present did you wrap in gold paper with a red bow? Tag it as soon as you wrap it. The rule to follow here is: If you think you will forget it, write it down!

My favorite planner to help me stay organized is this one by Kate Spade. It features tabbed sections, a notes section, and even an elastic band to hold it shut. I even like to keep my receipt envelopes in my planner so I know everything is in one spot.

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  1. maketodayahollyday

    22 November

    This post is so helpful!!! Thank you!!! ??

  2. hashtagfablife

    22 November

    Great tips! Love the wall card holder idea!


  3. hhardydawson

    23 November

    I got a Christmas card holder last year (and officially became my mother) and I loved having all my cards on display instead of just piling up on my coffee table.

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