Less Sweet, More Sweat

Less Sweet, More Sweat

Happy Saturday, friends!

This past week I devoted just as much time to health and fitness as I did styling and organizing. I didn’t plan to have this as my focus for the week it just kind of happened. And I’m glad it did!

I believe fitness and fashion go hand in hand. Looking your best not only means finding your best fit, cut, and color. It also means taking care of your body with the right nutrition and exercise.

I began my week with a 5-day Sugar Detox led by my friend, Kelsey, from Strawberry Mint blog. Yesterday was my last day of the detox. What do I have to say about it? HOLY COW!!! I knew I loved dark chocolate and red wine, but I had no idea I was truly addicted to sugar. I had some serious headaches the first 48 hrs. Once I pushed past Day 2 my body felt AMAZING. Thank goodness Kelsey was such an incredible leader. She constantly encouraged us to do our personal best. She even gave us a ton of sample recipes that were detox approved.

Here’s a recap of what the detox looked like:IMG_0154 (1)IMG_0156IMG_0155


Veggie egg scramble with black coffee & cinnamon


Chicken & Zucchini Poppers (recipe here) with spinach, feta,  tomatoes, and dijon mustard


Veggie omelet. Good thing I love cherry tomatoes and spinach 😉

Along with detoxing, I also joined Raleigh Blog Society for a girl’s night hosted by Flybarre and Brixx. I definitely got my butt kicked in the Flybarre class.  As a newbie, I felt like the instructor did a great job  explaining proper positions during the exercises. If I continued attending these classes regularly, I know my body would be incredibly toned.

IMG_0105IMG_0119Fitbit | Top | Leggings | Shoes | Bag



My OCD self LOVED walking into the studio with everything already perfectly set out. Flybarre provided individual mats, balls, bands, weights, and towels for each attendee.


All the bloggers after class with our Flybarre instructor.

Natalie: Hashtag FAB Life

Meghan: Champagne and Suburbs 

Caroline: The Barbee Housewife 

Kristina: Medicine & Manicures

Kate: Sara Kate Styling

Of course we had to refuel after exercising. Thanks to Brixx of Cameron Village for a yummy dinner to finish our girl’s night. This was my Sugar Detox “cheat night” with carbs. I mean really though, who could resist this bruschetta?!


  1. Madeline Johnson

    19 September

    Loved reading this entire post. The yes no sugar chart super helpful – saving to my phone for future reference – thank you!

  2. hashtagfablife

    20 September

    I had so much fun at the barre class! Great meeting you Danielle!! <3

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