Neutrals + Jewel Tones

Here in good ol’ NC the weather is still HOT! I love summertime and warmer weather, but I am ready to break out the vests, jackets, and sweaters. Does anyone else feel me?!

This time of year can be a little odd when getting dressed. While everything pumpkin colored, flavored, and scented are screaming fall, the weather is still telling us summer.

Right now when getting dressed think more about your color palette than your sleeve length. Colors for fall are neutral and earthy. Good colors to choose from are taupe, grey, black, tan, brown, and cream. Add subtle pops of color with your accessories or make-up.

To all my rule-following southern friends: YOU CAN STILL WEAR WHITE! 🙂 Even though Labor Day is behind us, don’t be afraid to throw on booties with your white denim. I dare you to try it this season!

Top: Ann Taylor Loft | Shoes: Tory Burch | Denim: DL1961 | Necklace: Old Navy (not online) | Handbag: Street Level


  1. A For La Dolce Vita

    10 September

    Love how well written it is! Please check out my new fashion and lifestyle blog too. Thank you. Love.

  2. beautiful!! the necklace is so unique and cool 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  3. hhardydawson

    10 September

    Love the red lipstick!!

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