Dressing Out for Game-day

Dressing Out for Game-day

I grew up in a college town where game-days are treated like holidays. Just like Christmas when the town is decorated with lights and garland, game weekends are decorated to the same extent (or more). Every street is decked out in the school’s colors, purple and gold.

Joining the celebrations can be fun, but you definitely want to dress accordingly. My number one question for game-day is, “what am I going to wear?”. This week I heard this question a lot from ladies.

When you are getting dressed this football season remember these two simple things: comfort and layer. I promise you will feel less stressed and more prepared if you follow this.

Below are a few outfit ideas. If you’re not an ECU fan, I’m sorry. Just kidding 😉 Any item I styled that is purple or gold, simply switch it up with your team’s colors.

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