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My friend, Christina, is the co-owner of Pure Barre Greensboro. She recently contacted me about helping her with styling and closet editing. When we scheduled a time to meet, we had no clue we would make the perfect “girls day” out of it.

Before going straight to Christina’s closet, I met her at the studio. This was the first time I had experienced Pure Barre first hand. It was way different than I imagined. I had heard in the past that the classes were focused on toning, so I figured there would be a lot of squats (or since a barre was involved: grand plies). We definitely worked on getting th ol’ gluteus toned, but that wasn’t all. This was a total body workout. I woke up the next morning feeling sore in my abs (score!!) and other muscles I didn’t know existed-ha!

After class, we stopped for smoothies and then headed to Christina’s house for some styling.

Our main goal: Create a young professional wardrobe and a closet that is easy to “shop” when getting dressed.

To-Do List: Pick out 3 event outfits, plan vacation attire, and edit her closet. 

I started with the closet edit so that outfit planning would be much easier. She did have a good bit of “tired” items that could be consigned. Consigning is awesome during this process because HELLOOOO it’s moolah for shopping to update your closet!

From there, I organized her closet into sections and color coordinated. Once everything was neat and tidy, I began to pull outfits for her events/vacation. She tried on the outfits and we decided what was flattering, appropriate, and most comfortable for her to wear. I felt like we got pretty close to checking off our list, but there were a few things left we needed to accomplish.

Next, we went out to shop to complete the to-do list. We ended up finding a few wardrobe essentials and came across the perfect outfit for her birthday dinner.

It was an awesome day with Christina. I wasn’t lying earlier when I said it was the perfect girls day! Workout, smoothie, styling, and shopping… what could be better?!

IMG_7732IMG_7723 IMG_7720IMG_7745IMG_7744IMG_7753IMG_7747 IMG_7748 IMG_7749 IMG_7750

IMG_7751 IMG_7725

Can we all just take a second to look at how amazing these booties are?!

IMG_7726 IMG_7729

If you are interested in scheduling a day like ours, you can contact either of us at: (336) 333-3938 or 


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