buns and besties

buns and besties

Do you ever feel like you and your best friend have ESP? Sometimes it’s even scary how much you think alike. Well, that’s how I felt when Owen and I met up to hang out recently.

Owen is studying to be a Physician Assistant. She is an extremely hard worker and has been the entire time I’ve a known her (we met when bowl cuts and playing in the sandbox were cool). During downtime you can find her with her adorable family at the beach with a glass of champagne in hand. Another study/work break for Owen is her lifestyle blog where she writes about all her life adventures. Check out her blog here! And if you’re wondering… yes, her last name is Davis. We both married husbands with Davis as their last name. We joke about being “Davis sisters” haha.

One Saturday morning (when she had some free time) Owen wanted to try out her new camera lens. I threw on a few fall to summer transition pieces and tagged along. When we stepped out of our cars we died. Both of us had our hair in sock buns and were wearing similar outfits. Of course we were. It was hilarious walking around downtown twinning. The “Davis sisters” didn’t care though! We just were just there to have some fun :).

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Top: fab’rik Raleigh | Denim: DL1961 (similar style) | Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (color sold out) | Beaded bracelet: Fabulina

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