Back to School

Back to School

Summer is (sadly) fading and it is almost time for another school year. Parents and kids are gearing up with lunch boxes, planners, #2 pencils and, of course, new outfits ;).

Growing up, I can remember special back to school shopping trips with my Grandmom. After shopping all day, I would go home to put on a “fashion show” for the family. I believe days like these are what started my fascination with fashion.

As much as I loved the shopping trips, I loved coming home to plan my first week of school outfits. This past week I was able to do just that with a beautiful and sweet girl, Kelli.

After Kelli and her mom went back to school shopping, I headed over to their house to help plan outfits. We began in her closet by pulling pieces that weren’t too summery and could transition into fall. Once we felt like we had a good selection of tops, bottoms and dresses we took the party outside. I mean, what could be better than outfit planning by the pool?!

I had so much fun with Kelli. We laughed a lot. She may have thought I was crazy with some of my outfit choices, but hopefully when school starts she will be excited for new ways to wear her wardrobe.

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