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Do you ever just look at your closet and think, “ugh, I have nothing to wear”? Okay, that was a dumb question. Of course you do… we all do. I feel like it gets worse when I have an event to go to or I’m traveling somewhere new (eh em, and HAVE to have something new to wear). This outfit from Greige Boutique is just what I needed for a weekend on the coast.

The top I chose is a little longer and fitted around the waist. This fit is perfect to tie the bottom in a knot to hit just at the skirt’s waistline. **Mix and match travel tip: the top could be worn again tucked into Loft Scalloped White Shorts talked about in my previous travelwear post.** The cobalt blue, side slit skirt was a no brainer for me. I love a good maxi and anything cobalt blue. To steer away from looking ‘frumpy’ and help with elongating, I threw on wedges and a long statement necklace. As far as the handbag, what better one for travel than this Bonjour/Au Revoir metallic clutch?! It is a great size to carry all essentials while out and about on vacation.

Backstory about my necklace: I first discovered  Z.Z Designs a few months ago while working with a client in Beaufort, NC. After I finished a long day of closet editing, I had just enough time to pop in to a cute, new store, Beaufort Linen Co. It was here that I found the statement necklace I just couldn’t live without. When I was checking out, the owner explained my  Z.Z Designs oyster shell necklace was locally made in the small town of Beaufort (so cool). If you aren’t near Beaufort but adore this necklace, then guess what? Greige Boutique carries multiple color options online!


From Greige: Top | Maxi Skirt | Necklace | Tory Burch wedges sold out. Shop similar here | Tory Burch sunglasses sold out. Shop similar here


  1. Lovely pictures for such a photoshoot – very different

  2. The print of that maxi skirt is awesome. It would go with so many things!

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